The goal and passion that we share here at Essential Massage is simple, to help you feel good every day!
Below is a small sample of what our clients have said about us.

Sarah R.

I am a Group Fitness Instructor, Personal Trainer and Triathelete, I beat my body up daily. I have been seeing Amy on a regular basis for the last year. In the past I have had knee problems, lower back issues, IT pain and major foot pain. I’m truly Amazed at how good at how good my body feels after massage. Amy is amazing at reading the body and getting to the core of issues. I can say that I am pain-free because of her and that I am able to continue to do everything I love because of her. I highly recommend Amy. She is passionate about her work and that shows in the results that she gets for her clients. Thank you Amy for keeping me feeling strong and pain-free, and allowing me to continue sharing my passion.

Jay C.

Amy. Is. Awesome!!! I started being more active with my body over the last few years going to the gym and lifting and with that a few injuries have followed. Me, being me, I don't always listen to my body and continue to push myself with injuries, which resulted in some pretty sore and tight muscles. After a few sessions with Amy she was able to get me back up and feeling great!! Thank you So MUCH!!!

Melissa M.

Amazing!!! I have lived in Wausau for over 10 years and have not found a good massage therapist. I totally recommend Amy, she is now the only one I will go to.

Kevin N.

Thank you Amy for the experience, I thoroughly enjoyed the massage! The essential oils felt marvelous and the atmosphere was relaxing before you even began the relaxation process of the massage. I would recommend to anyone interested in feeling at ease to contact Amy and review the options she provides.

Leslie W.

had a wonderful experience with Amy. She actually listened to the areas that I carried stress and needed help with and then incorporated the essential oils that made the most sense. I'm very excited to start my own essential oil journey! Thanks Amy!

Brian F.

I received Amy's name as a recommendation from another spa who was booked. I was working with Amy to find a time for my wife and her friend who are taking a weekend getaway in Wausau. Amy was prompt in her response and worked to accommodate my wife and her friend. Even though the timing did not work I was impressed by how professional and prompt her response was via e-mail.

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